About Hite Consulting, Inc.

Taking Clients to New Hites

HCI offers a range of management, human capital, marketing, and other services to take your project to the next level. Founded by Thelma Hite Harris after a 33-year career in the federal government, HCI understands the needs of both the public and private sectors. With a successful history of leadership and organizational development, we are able to select and lead the best professionals to deliver exceptional service to meet your needs.

Thelma Hite Harris

President and CEO

Ms. Harris is a senior executive recognized for establishing new organizations, developing systems, providing professional advice and consultation, and delivering exceptional customer service. She has broad experience with the public and private sectors, including federal government, nonprofit organizations, academia, and for-profit organizations. She was elected as a Fellow in the National Academy of Public Administration in 2018.

Ms. Harris has served as a federal executive, managing nationwide organizations within the IRS and the Department of the Treasury. She has supervised multiple levels of management, including managing more than 200 full-time and 200 part-time employees. She has provided consultation in many areas, including business processes, systems analysis, human resources, and leadership strategies.

Some of her major accomplishments include

  • Participating in the IRS modernization, a major agency reorganization. Ms. Harris worked with IRS and Booz Allen Hamilton professionals to conduct and analyze surveys, design new organizational structures, and develop relationship strategies for labor and management. Ms. Harris also served as Team Lead for the EEO and Diversity Team, which ultimately led to the implementation of a new organization of which Ms. Harris was the first executive leader.
  • Founding a leadership development consulting firm to mentor, teach, and assist college students in navigating government and corporate cultures, and to connect employers with up and coming talent to meet their needs.
  • Serving as the IRS Corporate Education Senior Manager, wherein she coordinated executive mentoring and coaching processes, led candidate selection and training programs, and managed programs for aspiring executives.

Talent Pool

HCI has a large professional network of former high-level federal officials from multiple government agencies who are available to work on projects at a moment’s notice. These professionals offer expertise in grants and program management, human capital and HR services, marketing and communication, and much more.

HCI works with partners that provide access to a vast pool of scientific and technical experts, including research associates, research analysts, and data analysts. Current partners offer doctoral-level scientists and skilled researchers with expertise in epidemiology, evaluation, study design, and literature review, among other specialties.

In the past, HCI has led teams of researchers and subject matter experts to analyze systems and processes and provide recommendations to the federal government.

  • HCI headed a team of experts to produce white papers, making substantial recommendations to improve the operation of human capital across the entire federal government.
  • HCI led a research team in assessing the effectiveness of the Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA) personnel system in response to a Congressional mandate. The team’s research and analysis culminated in recommendations intended to ensure that the FAA could effectively and efficiently recruit, hire, train, and retain a high-performing workforce.